• MacDuff - Back To Core - JBay Winter Fest feat. Tanika Hoffman - #jbaywinterfest

Back To Core - JBay Winter Fest feat. Tanika Hoffman - #jbaywinterfest

Shot 100% on GoPro Hero 3. Professional surfer, Tanika Hoffman shares her thoughts on preparing for the upcoming JBay Winter Fest, a new multi-disciplinary sporting festival based on taking it back to the core.

The JBay Winter Fest is happening in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa 6-14 July 2013
Visit our website for more information - http://www.jbaywinterfest.co.za
or our Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/jbaywinterfest

Directed by Dave Meinert and Wayne de Lange

Produced by Silver Bullet Productions
Cast: Tanika Hoffman

'Baby Shoes'
Written by Jay Bones
Performed by Gil Hockman & Shotgun Tori
Recorded by Michael Wright at Glory Vale Studios
Guitar by Julian Redpath
Remixed by Kidu & Klein Baas
Available for download/purchase here:

Shot in Cape Town in natural light on a GoPro Hero3 with a custom built 360 degree
spinning rig. Graded on Resolve.

Wayne de Lange - http://www.silverbullet.co.za
Dave Meinert - http://www.macduff.tv
Tanika Hoffman - http://www.tanikahoffman.co.za