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Breathe Wim Hof

Wim's relationship with breathing and cold exposure started as a way to confront physical and emotional challenges in his own life, from going up Everest in a pair of shorts, to dealing with losing his wife and mother to his four young children.

After rewriting the science books, and with 26 World Records in tow, he is now on a mission to use forgotten tools of nature to address problems around mental and emotional wellbeing in Western society.

Filmed in -20C.
"I know the keys of nature. And the keys of nature are able to bring us back... We invent stress."

Wim Hof, The Iceman www.wimhofmethod.com
Director: Dave Meinert www.davemeinert.com
DP: Alexander Alexandrov www.alexanderalexandrov.com
Editor: Lucian Barnard www.vimeo.com/lucianbarnard
Colorist: Houmam Abdallah, MPC Los Angeles
Music: Botany 'Burning From The Edges Inward' courtesy Western Vinyl westernvinyl.com/artists/botany
Producers: Kourtney Gleason, Antonio Flores, Dave Meinert
Production Co: Cheeky Films
Executive Producers: Maggie McLean, David Thorne, Diane McArter
Special Thanks: Diane McArter