• MacDuff - Myra (Not Her Real Name)

Myra (Not Her Real Name)

The true story of a dog who took a bullet to protect a family.

Myra isn't a large or aggressive dog but when her family was in danger, she did not hesitate. In August 2015, an armed man entered her house. After shooting the mother and father of the household, the man had one bullet left. The rest of the family stood before him. Myra placed herself between the gun and the family, taking a bullet that shattered her leg to pieces.

The voices used are from actual interviews with the surviving family members. Identities have been withheld for their own safety.

The SPCA relies on donations to help dogs like Myra. To learn how help, visit www.capespca.co.za/donate/ or www.facebook.com/CapeofGoodHopeSPCA ; https://youtu.be/ZbT-UvOhFP4

Directed by Dave Meinert www.davemeinert.com
A MacDuff Film www.macduff.tv
DP: Devin Toselli www.devintoselli.com
Editor: William Kalmer www.kraftpost.tv
Colorist: Nic Apostli
Final Mix: Sean Jefferis
Music: Eland Gray, Clare Vandeleur
Special Thanks: Toyah, Michelle and the rest of Panavision Cape Town
For the Cape of Good Hope SPCA: Belinda Abraham